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What’s so special about a caramelized waffle? If you have to ask, you haven’t tasted one.  : )

Liege waffles are a popular Belgian breakfast item and snack served at roadside carts and shops. Fresh off the hot iron, this doughy indulgence is warm and satisfying whether you’re eating a Liege waffle on the go or served at the table.

Waffatopia® translates this centuries-old European street food into a unique foodie gift for busy American families. Waffatopia® is an escape from time-consuming meal prep, and a unique, memorable treat for special events in people’s lives.

“Syrup? We don’t need no stinkin’ syrup!”™ …but why?
Our big secret? The Belgian pearl sugar. We’re not afraid of revealing the secret ingredient, because it’s so difficult to find in local shops (and wicked expensive if you can). We import authentic pearl sugar from Belgium and incorporate these sweet nibs into Waffatopia’s fresh dough before baking on our cast-iron waffle makers.

The result is a distinctive, mildly sweet, caramelized flavor that requires no additional syrups or toppings on our delicious Waffatopia® creations. The secret we’ll hold onto is how our Waffatopia® chiefs incorporate a slightly sweeter surprise “crunch” hidden throughout the waffle, but we know you’ll love it.

Other recipes use Swedish pearl sugar (a bit more available and less expensive) which leaves a “pretzel salt” appearance on the waffle surface. This type of pearl sugar hinders caramelization and results in an overly sweetened waffle. We are proud to use premium ingredients like the authentic Belgian pearl sugar in our waffles, and you’ll taste the difference.

Did you say dough?
We sure did! Our waffles are made from scratch in our Waffatopia® kitchen with natural, yeast-fermented dough using no chemical leaveners. Unlike the traditional “poured batter” Belgian waffles, Waffatopia® dough balls have a wonderfully hearty bread texture with baked-in flavor varieties that you won’t get anywhere else. Once baked and cooled, they are packaged and shipped fresh anywhere in the 48 contiguous!

Premium ingredients – no artificial goopitygop!
We’ve already introduced you to our secret weapon, the authentic Belgian pearl sugar. Using a premium ingredient isn’t just our finishing touch; it’s Waffatopia’s baking philosophy.

Waffatopia® Belgian waffles are made with King Arthur® Flours and Cabot® real dairy products. The result is in the taste. Waffatopia® waffles aren’t made to sit on a shelf for a year; we avoid cheap, unpronounceable artificial ingredient alternatives so you will enjoy the most natural, best-tasting waffle worthy of whisking you away to Waffatopia®.

(And don’t worry — your Waffatopia® waffles will be eaten in a few days anyway. Or you can freeze them for enjoyment later.)

Delicious and convenient
Waffatopia’s handmade Belgian waffles are made for taste and time.

From a wonderful, handheld breakfast for work or school, to a unique family treat for dessert or any special occasion, Waffatopia’s waffles will be appreciated as a gift for their no-mess enjoyment and their flavorful, memorable tastes!

Belgian Liege Waffles