The Waffatopia™ Experience
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For many young American couples, hosting the family’s first Thanksgiving meal is a rite of passage.

Complementing a weekend of traditional American recipes, Brian and Andrea treated everyone in the house to their homemade, caramelized Belgian waffles based on a recipe they first enjoyed during a visit to Brussels. Andrea and Brian, being avid travelers and self-proclaimed foodies, love to discover unique international dishes they can then try at home. A walk through the Grand Place with this unique Liege waffle in a wax paper sleeve catalyzed 18 months of effort to bring their own version to Thanksgiving for their family to try. The response was delightfully positive.

Brian and Andrea’s caramelized waffles quickly started to spread outside the boundaries of family and friends. It became official when Waffatopia® hit farmers markets in Spring of 2013, and customers grabbed these waffles for weekend trips to the beach, birthdays, and various other special occasions — a testament to the power of unique food in creating memorable group experiences. The growing demand and that fateful Thanksgiving weekend sealed their decision to fly away from the corporate grind and help other families and their friends make their own special memories.


Hi! Your Chief Waffatiers are Brian and Andrea Polizzi, college sweethearts and graduates of Penn State University. We earned degrees in science and business, which we used to advance through various management and leadership positions at major life science and financial organizations. Until we realized what we could do on our own.

Amidst the hectic day-to-day schedules shared by so many, we always focus on what makes life truly special — time with each other, our families and a core of close, loyal friends. These opportunities don’t happen often, so we always try to make the most of every gathering. Many of these get-togethers also come with special signature foods that seem to help bind together these memories and experiences.

We started Waffatopia® in the spirit of creating memories of great gatherings through the food we share. It has also evolved on its own to a wonderful time saving, no-mess breakfast for busy American families. We hope you will invite Waffatopia’s made-from-scratch caramelized Belgian waffles into your homes and to your special events.

We’d like to thank all of our family and friends for your support in getting us “over the fear hump” to bring Waffatopia’s unique product to even more family and friend gatherings!

We look forward to meeting new people and to making those special events, thank-you gifts and time saving experiences a little more memorable.

Enjoy your escape to Waffatopia®!

Brian and Andrea Polizzi
Co-Founders and Chief Waffatiers