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A Loyal Waffatopian Shares Her Story

Our loyal Waffatopians are truly the best! Andrea and I are so fortunate to have amazing customers who appreciate quality and care that goes into handmade artisan treats.  Anyone who bakes knows that, in addition to the science, there is an art to ensuring your treats, breads and cakes are top notch time and time again.  Many food bloggers across the country celebrate this painstaking passion with their Facebook posts, instagrams and snapchats. One such blogger, Abby decided to write about Waffatopia.  She’s been a long time loyal Waffatopian, so we were so delightfully surprised and grateful when she decided to write all about lil’ ol’ us.  🙂  A excerpt is below, with the full link at the end of this post.

What makes these waffles so special? Its a unique recipe that Brian and Andrea have perfected and their combination of flavors are spot on. The waffles we are used to eating in America are made with a poured batter and we drown them in syrup. Waffatopia waffles are made with a yeast dough, which creates a chewy, bread-like texture. Their secret weapon is pearl sugar that they import from Belgium. The sugar stays in tact and caramelizes as the dough cooks, giving the waffles a sweet crunch with every bite. You can order flavors like maple bacon, vanilla cinnamon and banana and Nutella, which are all delicious. They also have special seasonal flavors, like strawberry banana, birthday cake and lemon blueberry. They use the best ingredients they can find which results in a superior product. This waffle is street food at its finest, meant to be eaten without syrup.”

So here’s to you Abby, and all the bloggers out there who love to write about their craft, and take time to discover new and interesting cuisine.  We certainly appreciate the love, and thank you so much again for being a LOYAL WAFFATOPIAN!  🙂

Link to full post: http://goldiloxcooks.blogspot.com/2016/07/the-best-waffles-ever.html?m=1

Until next time…typos and all…Brian and Andrea