Waffatopia on Food Network

Amazing Food Network Experience for Small Business

When we found out that we would be featured on the Food Network for our Liege style waffles, you’d think that elation and excitement would be the overwhelming emotions for us. While they were certainly sprinkled into our emotional spice bowl, what was also highly prominent was fear. Were we prepared for this type of exposure? Do we have the equipment, space, people and resources to handle it? What if absolutely nothing happened, and we spent time and money planning for a sparkler that just didn’t light? We can let all this consume us, or we can create a plan to help minimize the unknowns and turn this fear into enlightenment as we developed answers to (most of) the questions we had. Success Magazine has a cool write up on fear and how to handle it to help your ideas, plans and goals blossom.

So what happened? So far, so good! It truly has been an amazing Food Network experience as we had hoped for every night prior to airing. We have been delighted with the show, and the accuracy in which it portrayed our unique treat. We’ve also been completely overwhelmed with the outpouring of support and new Waffatopians trying our Liege style waffles from all over the US! ¬†We still have many orders to get out the door and continue to be excited packing up each new gift pak. So turn that fear into excitement, and keep driving your business forward. Until next time…with typos and all – Brian and Andrea