The Waffatopia Story - Why we make such delicious Belgian Waffles
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Waffatopia Home of the Best Liege Waffles in the World

Unique Corporate Gifts

Maybe it was a critical business project milestone completed, acknowledgement of a job well done by a team member or contracted employee, or a high value client needing a special goodwill thank you. Waffatopia waffle business gifts provide a fun, family friendly, and highly unique way to show appreciation for your employees or clients.
Business gifts from Waffatopia can not only include custom gift messages to your gift recipient, but we can also work with our gifting clients to include your own branded marketing materials right within our signature boxes. Ideal for professionals who want a unique way to make introductions, and those that “never waffle” on staying engaged for business services or client retention.
Waffatopia works with independent professionals (real estate, legal, financial) as well as major corporate organizations needing 500 gifts or more to provide the ultimate thank you, shipped fresh to your recipient’s doorstep. In this highly competitive business landscape, sending strong messages of appreciation are critical to maintain morale, invoke team excitement, and enhance your own business brand.

Contact a Waffatopia Business Gifting Specialist Today!

Whether it’s 5 or 500 gift boxes needed, we’ll ensure you have a great business gifting experience, including easy address uploads for large orders, receipt of custom marketing materials from your business if desired, and prompt delivery of our signature beautiful gift boxes filled with a family friendly assortment of our award winning Liege style waffles that are guaranteed to impress.
Waffatopia Home of the Best Liege Waffles in the World

Private Waffle and Ice Cream Celebrations

A Delicious and Unique Way to Enhance Your Event – Waffatopia Waffles and Ice Cream!
If you are located within a 50 mile radius of Conshohocken PA, 19428 you are in luck! Make Waffatopia’s signature waffles a part of your next indoor or outdoor event.
Corporate/Employee Welfare

There’s no doubt it’s a competitive landscape in the job market. Keeping employees motivated and happy is an essential part of recruitment and retention. Providing a timely afternoon break to celebrate company milestones, congratulate a job well done, or to enhance a corporate fundraising campaign all assist in making your environment a welcoming place to return to day after day. Waffatopia’s Waffle and Ice Cream events to compliment a lunch time, mid-afternoon or evening celebration could be just the thing to drive your event over the top!

Personal Events (Weddings/Birthdays)

Birthday Cake? Not bad. But how about birthday cake flavored waffles with ice cream sundae toppings piled high and made just for you for your big day! Backyard, front yard, banquet hall, you name it…Waffatopia will put on a great party.

Wedding Cakes for a couple thousand?!? Want something that you and your guests will truly remember that won’t bust the budget? How about a Raspberry and Belgian Chocolate stuffed Liege style Waffatopia waffle for the Bride, and a Vanilla Bourbon Whiskey waffle for the Groom? Piled high with toppings and memories for a lifetime, served to you and your guests by uniformed Waffatiers that will treat your Waffle Wedding Day with the utmost professionalism so you can focus on other things…like that guy at the far away “date table” that wasn’t even invited. (unless he brought a good gift…then he can stay)

Resident Appreciation

Your home should be your most comfortable place to be. Retirement communities, luxury apartment complexes and larger HOA managed properties are looking at ways to keep their residents safe, happy and renewing year after year. Monthly community gatherings are becoming more commonplace in higher end living residences and are a wonderful way to build relationships with neighbors, management and staff. Bring Waffatopia into your community clubhouse, pool area or other private location for unique sundae treats they won’t soon forget!

How We Do It

Our advantage? Food trucks can’t come through walls! Our set-ups can include both outdoor bright white, Waffatopia branded heavy duty tents, or we can bring the party inside just as easily in case the weather isn’t looking so great. Whatever the situation, we’ll help make it perfect!

Our Waffatiers come in uniform with everything necessary to warm Waffatopia’s signature Liege style waffles and serve up delicious waffle and ice cream sundaes. Starting at just $4/pp (includes two waffle flavors, two flavors of ice cream and two hours of indoor or outdoor service). Waffatopia has served groups as little as 50, and as many as several thousand! We do ask for a minimum of 100 waffles for a full service event. That’s usually 50-75 people with some “2nd helpings” planned in. ☺

Interested in one our Waffle Parties?