Craft-Beer Waffle

Craft-beer brands giving other products a head start

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IT’S JUST A WAFFLE, but Brian and Andrea Polizzi’s newest product is the next step in the maturation of American small brewing.

The couple’s 13-month-old, West-Chester-based company, Waffatopia, last month unveiled Sweet & Stormy, a ready-to-heat waffle flavored with Victory Storm King Imperial Stout.

The waffle is sweet and chocolaty and, even if it doesn’t contain a trace of alcohol, it’s probably not on my breakfast diet. But that’s not the point.

What catches my eye is the waffle package’s familiar, blue-and-red V-for-Victory logo – a sign that, after successfully carving a niche in the beer biz over the past 18 years, the Downingtown brewery’s brand is strong enough to carry more than sixpacks.

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