Egg in a (Liege Waffle) Basket Recipe

Who doesn’t love a tasty, wholesome breakfast? Using farm fresh eggs and our classic Cinnamon and Vanilla Liege Waffle, we created a fun twist on the classic Egg in a Basket. Just follow the instructions below!


Making this breakfast is super simple. Just place your glass (or narrow mouth mason jar like I used) upside down on the waffle and press to create the hole for the egg. No mason jar? You can cut a hole with a knife or a cookie cutter too. Next, butter your heated pan and place the waffle in the pan.

After the waffle warms up a little bit, crack the egg into the hole and let the egg cook. Once the egg white is almost completely cooked, flip the egg and waffle to finish cooking the white. The goal is to have a cooked egg white but a runny yolk, just like an egg over-easy. Once your egg in the basket if finished, don’t forget to also warm up the little waffle circle that you cut out to make your “basket”! I garnished my waffle with some avocado and found that it paired wonderfully with the sweetness of the waffle and the savory egg. Enjoy!