Waffatopia Owners Brian & Andrea Polizzi

First Things First…Who Are You Talking To Anyway?

These are the thoughts of Brian and Andrea Polizzi – co-founders and chief Waffatiers of Waffatopia® – your caramelized waffle experience™.

We’re good ol’ ordinary folk and college sweethearts from THE Pennsylvania State University (we ARE!). Our business is located in West Chester, PA, where we’ve lived for many years now. We’re proud to be a part of Chester County and all that its lively community brings to the table. Just outside of Philadelphia, our area is chock full of foodies looking for the ultimate in unique eats. Waffatopia is happy to fill this gap, and also ship our waffles across the country…more on that later.

We both came from our corporate jobs in life sciences and finance and bring different experiences to our business. More importantly, what do we love? Family and friend time (#1), although lately that’s hard to come by with a new biz! We also love skiing, motorcycling, EVERYTHING 80’s, food, beer and wine (not in that order, but nearly every variety of wine except white zinfandel…really…white zinfandel…c’mon…). International travel is also big on our list, which is how we first discovered the mysteries of this lovely Liege waffle that is now what Waffatopia brings to America. One trip created an idea…what created an idea in your head?? Until next time, with typo’s and all…Brian and Andrea