Frequently Asked Questions

We get it, you might have a question or two about having these fresh, made-to-order, Belgian Liege style waffles delivered straight to your door. Read our FAQ below to see if we can answer them.
Still have a question? Feel free to Get In Touch.  We will be sure to get right back to you!
Why am I considering Waffatopia’s waffles?

Because taste is important. And so is your time. Because you want to start your family’s day with a wholesome, non-artificial breakfast, but your morning routine just doesn’t have time for prep and serving and everything else required to get everyone out the door. Because you want to be voted “best dessert” at your next gathering. You were the first to start bringing cupcakes, but now it’s time to mix up the recipe. Because you believe that after more than 40 years of the Belgian waffle being available in the U.S., it’s finally time to bring something new to the table.

How are Waffatopia waffles packaged for delivery?

For ultimate freshness, every waffle in your order is individually packaged and labeled with flavor variety, heating instructions, ingredients and any applicable allergy information.

How long do Waffatopia® handmade waffles stay fresh? Do I have to eat them all the same day?

Don’t worry! Your Waffatopia waffles arrive fresh to your home or office. We use premium ingredients to ensure our signature fresh taste for several days even after your receipt. Just put them in the fridge!

You can also freeze Waffatopia waffles upon receipt to lock the freshness in for another 6 months. Just follow the instructions and the date stamped on every label. Once frozen, no need to thaw before baking or toasting…who’s got time for that!

My waffles seem to vary slightly in size and appearance. Is this cool?

Totally! One of the unique aspects of this type of waffle is its irregular borders and more egg-shaped appearance. Our doughballs do not go into a perfect “mold” in our authentic Belgian waffle presses, so there may be slight variability in the shapes of your waffles. Bit more round, bit more square, etc. Just like you, and snowflakes, they are each unique! Slight variations in color and shape will not affect the taste, texture and quality of your waffles.

Don’t laugh, but — how do I eat Waffatopia waffles?

We’re not laughing! We know you’re busy, that’s why Waffatopia waffles arrive fully cooked and ready to eat right out of the package. That said, for maximum enjoyment before running out the door, or prepping for that special gathering, heat your waffle in a toaster or toaster oven to release the aromas and warm the authentic Belgian Pearl Sugar for that wonderful caramelized flavor.

Check the label of the individually packed Waffatopia waffles for eating and heating instructions.

Does the caramelized sugar make a sticky mess?

We know what you’re thinking. After saving all that prep time, it would be a real bummer to get tied up with clean-up, right? With an origin as a grab-and-go all-day treat in Europe, Waffatopia’s waffles are virtually mess-free. No need to clean up the syrup — because you don’t need any!

I’m watching my girlish figure, can I enjoy a Waffatopia waffle?

Currently, being a small bakery business we are exempt from the testing required to acquire exact nutritional information.  Although our product is rather consistent, small variations and losses of material during hand preparation and baking do not allow an accurate measurement without repetitive lab testing. As we grow we hope to change this, but if you are trying to follow a specific measured diet, we would recommend freezing our waffles for later enjoyment when you’re ready to savor the deliciousness. We do pride ourselves in using natural, premium ingredients, without any artificial preservatives, colors, HFCS, or trans-fats!

Do you have any major allergens and/or nuts in your product?

All Waffatopia waffles contain wheat, butter & eggs. Waffatopia is currently a PEANUT FREE facility. We do make two flavors currently related to the TREE NUT family. Our Banana & Nutella® waffle is made with HAZELNUTS and our Spring/Summer beer waffle (Monkey Spice) is made with COCONUT and pink peppercorns (related to the CASHEW tree. All of our waffles are baked on shared waffle presses so for the tree nut haters out there, we apologize.

Waffatopia’s SOY FREE varieties include our Cinnamon & Vanilla, Lemon Blueberry, Punkin Spice, Gingerbread and Orange Pomegranate.

Do Waffatopia waffles make a great gift?

For the foodie, the friend who has everything, the college student, the client, or the overworked mom who would appreciate a few extra minutes in the morning, your Waffatopia gift will elevate you to VIP status.

For every other recipient (because Waffatopia waffles are great for everyone), you’ll earn some serious street credit. Waffatopia waffles make a great gift for anyone who you think is awesome. They come in beautiful packaging that will certainly make the gift getter feel extra special. Order them now.

How will my waffles ship?

We’ve put together a special page just to make sure you know when your waffles will arrive. Visit this page here!

Do you offer refunds or replacements?

As with many food products, tastes can differ, and we offer a very unique artisan waffle to the U.S. (unlike the traditional light and crispy “Belgian waffle”). We are very sorry if you were expecting a waffle that is quite different than the ones you received. We do our very best to describe our product to you, and we do not send replacement waffles or issue refunds in these cases. If something out of the ordinary happens, such as shipping delays, damage, etc, we are 100% committed to work with you to make it right. Simply contact us and we’ll make you a happy Waffatopian!