Liege Waffle Ice Cream Cake Recipe

We at Waffatopia love taking a fun spin on the classics. Today, we introduce to you our spin on ice cream cake! This dessert is fun to make and fun to eat and is a perfect option for your birthday celebrations. Just follow the instructions below.

  • Birthday Cake Liege Waffles*
  • One tub of vanilla bean ice cream (or chocolate if you prefer)
  • Oreos
  • Plastic wrap
  • A glass container to make the cake in (a pyrex works well because it has the matching lid to seal the container)

*The number of waffles you need is completely dependent on the size of the cake. I would recommend two waffles for a cake that serves 4-5 people.

Before you begin building your ice cream cake, you’ll need to set your ice cream on the counter to soften. While you wait for that, crush your Oreos, slice your waffles in half so that they make thinner layers, and line your container with plastic wrap. Make sure that the entire inside of the of the container is lined or else it will be difficult to get the cake out of the container once you’re done!

Once your ice cream is thawed, spread some ice cream in the bottom of the container to make your first cake layer. This layer should be about one half of an inch thick and will be the top of your cake. Next, sprinkle on an Oreo layer, followed by a waffle layer. The waffle should be placed in the dish so that the waffle squares are facing you. When you add the next ice cream layer, make sure all the waffle squares are filled with ice cream. As you layer, make sure to connect all the layers well by sealing the sides of the cake with ice cream (the entire outside of the cake should be ice cream. The layers orea and waffle layers should not peek through). Continue this layering (ice cream, oreo, waffle, ice cream) until the dish is almost completely full, making sure to end with a thick ice cream layer. Once you’ve finished layering, seal the container with a lid or with more plastic wrap and place the cake in the freezer to let set overnight.

Before you try to take your cake out of the container, make sure the ice cream is completely set. Run a knife around the edge of the container and flip it upside down on a plate to remove the cake from the container. If you find it’s difficult to get your knife around the cake and that the cake is stubborn about coming out (like mine was), then just run some warm water on the outside of the container to soften the edges of the cake. Run the knife around the edge of the cake and try again.

Once your cake is successfully out of the container, remove the plastic wrap, and garnish with whatever you like! We garnished ours with blueberries and halved strawberries. Enjoy!