Belgian liege waffles

Liege Waffles The New Cupcake?

At the 2015 Fancy Foods Show, trending items on the list were definitely breakfast, including of course, WAFFLES! We love this…because…well…yeah…we make waffles. But not just waffles, not the ordinary, frozen manufactured kind that you can hear squirting out of some industrial nozzle at speeds that break the sound barrier and packed in a yellow box. We’re slowing it down big time and brining you a gourmet artisan treat that originated in Liege Belgium.

Made from a yeast risen dough, these Liege style waffles take two days to make (not 1 second). The more dense, breadlike texture packs in all the flavor you need thanks to the slow process of letting the dough develop. Then, we roll in Belgian Pearl Sugar that caramelizes on the surface of the doughball when placed in the iron. The flavor and texture combination is just amazing…especially when you get some of that pearl sugar “crunch” leftover!

We’ve seen waffles pop up at Taco Bell, Chick-fil-A and many others in the attempt to hop on that trend. Liege waffles, however, are just beginning in the US…creeping up in your local food truck like Wafles and Dinges, a small café here and there, or even on your favorite ski hill. Keep a watch…the birth of the Liege waffle in the US has just begun, and Waffatopia is happy to bring that experience to you anywhere in the country with our online options! Until next time, with typo’s and all…Brian and Andrea