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No waffling: Couple quits corporate world to run Waffatopia

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Brian and Andrea Polizzi didn’t waffle when it came time to leave corporate America and start their own business.

The pair, who met on the second day of school as undergrads at Pennsylvania State University, now own Waffatopia, a borough company that sells fresh yeast-fermented waffles in several different flavor combinations.

Waffatopia is one of the recipients of a 2015 award from SCORE, a non-profit that provides free counseling, mentoring and workshops to business owners.

When they started their business about two years ago, the Polizzis started working with SCORE counselor Charles Espenlaub, a retired chemical engineer.

Commented Espenlaub, “(The Polizzis) were financially prepared to start their business and absorb routine early business losses. And they had a real passion for developing their idea.”

That passion started during a trip to Belgium, where they first tasted Liege waffles made from yeast-raised dough and not from a poured batter. Caramelized with Belgian pearl sugar – with crystals the size of rock salt — the waffles need no syrup and were a taste revelation to the couple, who married in 2002.

“We were intrigued by these waffles and saw ourselves eventually developing a family-friendly, all-natural food item and gift idea,” said Brian.

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