College Care Packages

Top Ten Vote from Grown and Flown Blog for Valentine’s Care Packages

Hello Again Everyone!

OK…yes…it’s been forever since our last post.  Many new and loyal Waffatopia’s made it our best holiday season yet.  When you’re a small business, sometimes things like these have to take a back seat to ensuring our customers are delighted!

Speaking of delighted, we were so thrilled to be a part of Grown and Flown’s top ten list for Valentine’s gifts.  Since we’ve launched our online business, quite a number of folks have ordered our waffle gift paks for college care packages.  It was an idea we had early on, as Andrea and I would have LOVED to receive something like this in the mail when we were at college.  Let’s face it…college kids go to their mailboxes for two things and two things only.  Food.  Money.  Not necessarily in that order.  Care packages are a great way to send both.

It’s also important to know that so many college students (we were absolutely included in this) do not eat breakfast.  The need for that all important 10 extra minutes of sleep before that 8:30AM class barely allows time for a shower, let alone swinging by the dining commons for a 20 minute sit down meal.  Racing to class is much like racing to work.  If it’s not convenient, and on the way to class, it won’t get done.  Many times dining halls just don’t fit into that proposed morning path.

Typical care packages (although greatly appreciated by any student) are usually filled with the types of items that qualify for the “snack” category.  Candy bars, potato chips and other non-perishable items kids can keep between their mattress and floor for that emergency sugar rush.  We wanted to so something different.  We wanted to provide an option that could be a great grab and go on the way to class, a handheld snack on the way to the library for some studying, or that late-night dessert with NetFLIX after a long day of classes, sports and anything else that taxes the college brain.  Waffatopia’s individually wrapped waffles arrive fresh, can be refrigerated for several days or frozen for 6 months, and be quickly warmed in that dorm room microwave (or if they are lucky…toasted!)

Grown and Flown speaks the college parent language, and we were honored in our young stage to be recognized and a part of their list (amongst some pretty major competition we might add!).  You can take a look at the full article here, and we are looking forward to sending out quite a bit of college packages today!

Until next time…typo’s and all…Brian and Andrea