The Waffatopia Story - Why we make such delicious Belgian Waffles
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Waffatopia Home of the Best Liege Waffles in the World

The Waffatopia® History

Why devote your life to perfecting the Belgian Liège waffle? It all started in 2009, with a trip to Brussels, Belgium. We fell in love with the city, its architecture, the museums, and the people. But of all the happy memories we brought home with us, there was one that rose above the rest—the unique waffles in wax-paper sleeves that we’d eaten while walking through the city’s Grand Place.

Eager to taste those bready, slightly sweet, caramelized waffles again and unable to find them here in the States, we set out to create our own version of the Liège waffle. Over the next eighteen months we tried recipe after recipe, swapping out ingredients and testing new flavors until we finally got it right. Excited to share our hard-won waffles, we decided to host our loved ones for a slightly unconventional Thanksgiving meal. While our guests liked our turkey and mashed potatoes, it was clear that the waffles stole the show.

It wasn’t long before our signature  waffles spread beyond family and friends. In the spring of 2013 Waffatopia hit farmers’ markets to great success. Customers grabbed our waffles for weekend trips, birthdays, and other special occasions. Though we knew that quitting our jobs was a risk, that fateful Thanksgiving and the growing demand sealed our decision to leave behind the corporate grind and make Waffatopia a way of life.

About The Waffatiers

Our Story

We are your Chief Waffatiers, Brian and Andrea Polizzi. As college sweethearts studying science and business at Penn State University, we never imagined that our paths would lead to waffles. After graduation we began to climb the corporate ladder, advancing through various management and leadership positions at major life science and financial organizations.

But something was missing. The highlight of our days was the time we spent together and with our families and friends. Whether they were holiday celebrations or weekend game nights, our get-togethers always included signature foods that seemed to make the experiences all the more memorable.

We started Waffatopia in the spirit of creating memories of great gatherings through the food we share. While our caramelized Belgian waffles make a delicious addition to any event, they’re also the perfect timesaving, no-mess breakfast or snack for busy families. Even when eaten on the go, Waffatopia’s unique waffles add a touch of fun and sweetness to an ordinary day.

How We Make Our Waffles Special

Forget everything you think you know about waffles. There is no batter here, and no syrup either. Our Liège waffles are made from scratch in the Waffatopia kitchen with natural, yeast-fermented dough. Unlike traditional “poured batter” Belgian waffles, our waffles have a wonderfully hearty bread texture with baked-in flavor varieties you won’t find anywhere else.

But the real secret to our waffles’ unique taste is this: Belgian pearl sugar. We import authentic pearl sugar from Belgium and incorporate the sweet nibs into Waffatopia’s fresh dough before baking in our cast-iron waffle makers. The result is a distinctive, mildly sweet, caramelized flavor that requires no additional syrups or toppings.

Using a premium ingredient isn’t just our finishing touch; it’s our baking philosophy. Waffatopia Belgian waffles are made with King Arthur flours and Cabot real dairy products. Our waffles aren’t made to sit on a shelf for a year; we avoid cheap, unpronounceable artificial ingredients so you will enjoy the most natural, best-tasting waffles possible.

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Watch our Story on Food Network

We at Waffatopia were thrilled to be featured on Food Network’s “Great American Food Finds”! Hosts Adam and Andrew visited us at our bakery, where we showed them how we make our popular Chocolate Stuffed Waffles. In celebration of this experience we’re offering a special Food Network Variety Pak, including our savory Maple Bacon and Chocolate Stuffed Waffles.

Waffatopia on Food Network
Food Network Variety Pack