Julia's Grace "#8 Eat Waffles and Ice Cream" Fundraising Pak

  • Picture of Julia
  • Liege waffles and ice cream
  • Julia's Grace T Shirt and Visor
  • Julia Summer 2012
  • Liege Waffles

Julia’s Grace “#8 Eat Waffles and Ice Cream” Fundraising Pak

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Waffatopia’s official partnership with Julia’s Grace Foundation, was formed with HUGS from the Chief Waffatiers, Julia’s family, and Julia’s life rule #8 “Eat Waffles and Ice Cream”.  Right before Julia left us, she shared a list of ten things with her family to “make them happy” for when they needed it. We’re so proud to help with Julia’s memory and foundation that brings smiles and life experiences to families going through difficult therapies and treatments with their children.

This fundraising pak contains a half & half split of our individually packaged, no-syrup required Cinnamon and Vanilla Liege waffles, and our HAND STUFFED Food Network featured Belgian Chocolate Stuffed Liege waffles for your family’s own waffle and ice cream party, as well as Julia’s Grace T-Shirt/Visor combo to show your support for Julia’s legacy. Proceeds benefit the foundation.

Choosing the 8 pak with the Julia’s Grace T Shirt and Visor will receive FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the U.S.

Choosing the 8 pak without T-Shirt & Visor will incur a simple flat shipping fee at checkout. (select “No-Tee/Visor)

T Shirts are Adult Unisex, Premium cotton, Machine Washable and super awesome! Be sure to indicate your size.  Visors are one-size fits all.

  • Fundraising Paks are made to order & ship fresh within 5 business days of order receipt.
  • Each waffle is individually packaged inside our signature 8 pak box.
  • Waffles can be frozen up to 6 months once received.