Waffatopia Owners Brian & Andrea Polizzi

Our Small Business Turned 3! Now What?

Yay! Three years of small business survival! Yes, we know it’s been forever since we got a blog post up. Of course in small business they tell you that one of the most important things you can do to be found is continue to post post post….blog, blog, blog! It’s funny though, that whole running a business thing can really get in the way of posting sometimes.

A little over three years has passed since we opened Waffatopia. A mecca for the ultimate waffle…these liege style beauties have now graced thousands upon thousands of homes, which we are so absolutely grateful for.  You always (try) to have a vision when opening a new business, and while we continue to strive towards our ultimate business goals, what we have happening right now has matched our mission so far. Bring a naturally made, artisan and truly unique product to the US, but make it from scratch actually IN the US and have our Waffatopians enjoy it with their families or as a unique gift for someone.  Well…that was easy huh? Entrepreneurs reading that last comment will certainly chuckle, as we know for certian it’s not (but you always try to make it look easy).  🙂

So, three years in business! What have we learned and what comes next?

  1. Our Waffatopians are our family. Never did we expect to share so many emails and phone conversations with so many of our customers. It was always our #1 goal to ensure you have been delighted with every aspect of Waffatopia (and we know that can be hard being food…some flavors aren’t always for you!).  What we love is hearing we are your new holiday tradition…that we brought a smile to a friend that was recovering from an injury…that this waffle is the only thing your child eats and is a lifesaver!  🙂 In business you quickly realize it’s never about the product or service, but what is actually enables. For us, it’s simple.  Waffatopia enables happiness, and we’re so glad we bring smiles to your faces with our special treat!
  2. You learn that without a strong team around you, you’re basically a memory. A business needs to surround itself with assets that compliment your own weaknesses. You MUST know those weaknesses and find folks that can fill those gaps in whatever field necessary. We are thankful for all of our internal employees, and external partners like SCORE, Curious and Co. and Social Fire Media that have helped us to get our tasty waffles out there!
  3. Just when you think “you’re there”, you’re never there. Entrepreneurship and starting a small business from nothing but a logo is absolutely the  most challenging thing we have tackled in our lives. Our experiences in the corporate world paved a road for us, but milestone after milestone achieved has only lead to further and further goals.  Expect that finish line to be ever moving, and your sanity will remain in check.  🙂

What comes next? Wouldn’t we like to know! We do know that we will continue to introduce our specialty liege waffles to folks one-by-one, and strive to delight all of you 100%. Come say hi to us if you are ever in the Conshohocken, PA area.  We’d love to thank you in person for making our dream come true so far. Thank you all for being Waffatopians!

Until next time…typo’s and all… – Brian and Andrea