Small Food Blogger Review of Waffatopia

Small Food Reviews Waffatopia – Read All About It!

Food Bloggers are of tremendous value for Waffatiers like ourselves. We sincerely thank Mike Madaio for taking the time to try and write about our Liege style waffles! A little about “Small Food” blog below (excerpt taken from the Small Food website):

Small Food is a blog that focuses exclusively on small-batch, artisanal food producers, growers and other purveyors of small, local, independent food.

In response to the recent groundswell of small, artisanal food producers that’s been slowly growing over the past several years, Small Food was born. Farmers Markets seem to be popping up in every town, and they’re not just for farmers anymore. You’ll find bakers, coffee roasters, meat curers, hummus makers, and other food of all sorts, all made with love, in small batches, and with local ingredients. This is where the exciting, innovative stuff is happening in the local, national and international food scenes.

Small Food was created as an offshoot and replacement for Main Line Dine, a restaurant blog that was started in 2003 by Mike Madaio, a food & drink writer based in the western suburbs of Philadelphia. Mike’s work has appeared in publications such as Philly Beer Scene, Edible Philly, Palate Press, Main Line Magazine and Bucks Life Magazine, and he is also the co-founder of Pennsylvania Vine Company, a wine blog focused on the wine experience of the PA consumer.”

A segment of the post is listed below, but you can also reference the entire article and a variety of other reviews on the Small Food website here.

“It may be strange to say, but the gateway waffle for one not as familiar with the Liege-style might just be the Chocolate Stuffed. A cinnamon vanilla waffle filled with imported Belgian dark chocolate, it downplays the dense, chewy aspect, the biggest difference for those who’ve eaten batter-based waffles their entire lives. Then again, maybe I’m only saying this because it reminds me of that long-ago vending machine waffle. Even more likely is the fact that it’s so damn delicious with a dollop of salted caramel gelato on top!

I also fell for the Lemon Blueberry, a spring seasonal flavor, that features real blueberries and a spritz of effervescent, citrusy brightness that goes perfectly with our current run of steamy weather. (Other seasonals include Orange Pomegranate, ‘Punkin’ Spice and Gingerbread.)

A customer favorite is, not surprisingly, the Maple Bacon waffle. Because, well, it’s made with real bacon. It’d be my pick for fried chicken & waffles.