Waffatopia Works with DECA at West Chester East HS

Waffatopia is so proud to partner with one of our local high schools in an effort to provide real world stories of entrepreneurship and small business. At West Chester East HS, the students that participate in the DECA program meet with Waffatopia at various times during the marking period to find out what challenges, successes and strategies Waffatopia is working through.  As their curriculium highlights certain stages of building and executing a business, we create the parallel in our own business to directly tie in with current classroom discussion. On Tuesday we visited the class to discuss how Waffatopia tries to develop, launch and market a product in stages, without going “all in” on significant cash investments (only to find out the product did not sell to the public). The “lean startup” is a formidable buzz work in current corporate and small business vocabulary, as it helps to force incremental moves for significantly less investment to validate ideas and products for business.

In addition to sharing our experiences with the class, the DECA students also participate with Waffatopia in fundraising, to raise money for their trips to National competitions. This Fall, students will be selling our Waffatopia gift paks of liege style waffles in order to raise funds for their individual trips. We are so delighted to be able to offer a totally unique option into schools, as we continue to hear of the need to bring something “new” to the table that parents and families will be excited to try, while continuing to support their child’s fundraising endeavors.

We have an additional link to the DECA Blog from West Chester East High School here. We can’t wait for our next visit! – Until next time…typo’s and all…Brian and Andrea