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Join the Society

The Syrup Conservation Society™ is an elite group of people wanting to bring social awareness to Waffatopia’s no-syrup needed deliciousness. With a subscription to Waffatopia for yourself or as a gift, you’ll show you care for Maple trees everywhere.
Please … for the trees … for the planet … for the waffles …

Waffles for Me

You’ll receive one dozen fresh baked, individually packaged Liege waffles in three unbelievably scrumptious rotating flavors. Automatic access to limited edition, seasonal and hidden VIP flavors! Pay as you go each month, skip a month if you’d like, cancel whenever. Free Shipping…always!

Waffles as a Gift

Need something unique and 100% delicious? We’ve got you covered! Our signature Waffatopia gift packaging will include 12 individually packaged waffles with three of our best flavors each month for as long as you specify. Free shipping on every box in your chosen subscription! 

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 About The Syrup Conservation SocietyTM

Every year, thousands upon thousands of maples weep their sappy tears into buckets, praying that their taps were inserted tightly enough to avoid bacterial infections, long courses of antimicrobials, bandages and liters upon liters of chicken soup to heal their battered and broken bark. If they only knew there was a solution…if they only realized that Waffatopia’s waffles remove the scars of their sweet nectar production, saving their ring systems and giving them circulatory bliss throughout their long lives.

With a subscription to Waffatopia Waffles you will automatically become a member of The Syrup Conservation Society™ and do your part to create happiness for maple trees everywhere being needlessly tapped for pancakes, maple walnut brownies and other superfluous maple syrup recipes and applications. You’re also going to get some amazing Liege waffles individually packaged at our best prices, guaranteed access to limited edition and seasonal flavors, and quite possibly the best gift in the Universe for someone that also believes in syrup conservation as much as you do.

Become a Waffatopia insider and be the first to learn about specials, new flavors, and more!