Liege Waffle

What is a Liege Waffle?

What is a Liege waffle? We get this question a lot! Liege waffles are quite new to the US, but as waffles become more and more popular each year, these specialty waffles are making a big push into the foodie hearts and minds.

Liege waffles are a centuries old street treat in Belgium, made from yeast risen dough and Belgian pearl sugar. This gives the waffle its own natural sweetness which is great for a no-topping needed grab and go breakfast. That’s right. You won’t want syrup on the delicious treats.

Waffatopia is excited to bring this style of waffle to the US, make it from scratch with natural ingredients, and package them for at home enjoyment. When warmed in your toaster or toaster oven, the aromas and flavor will have you jumping for joy! Check out our flavor choices on our shop page and try them today!